Welcome to the Catalysis & Electrochemical Energy Laboratory at Iowa State University!

Our interdisciplinary research is at the interface of Science and Engineering. We are exploring electrochemical processing of biorenewables, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen for chemicals or fuels manufacturing. Our current research activities include development of advanced electrocatalysts, exploration of novel electrochemical processes and systems, storage of renewable electricity into hydrocarbon fuels from biomass feedstock, electroreduction of carbon dioxide to fuels, ammonia electrosynthesis, electrocatalytic oxygen reduction and evolution, high-performance and low cost fuel cells and electrolyzers, novel concept flow batteries, and photoelectrolysis for water splitting.

We meet every Friday at 3:30 PM in the Biorenewables Research Laboratory, 2nd floor Interaction Room. We welcome graduate and undergraduate students who are interested in catalysis, fuel cells, biorenewables, and energy research to join us.

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